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Toxic / Environmental Law

Davies, McFarland & Carroll, LLC, has significant experience defending corporate clients against toxic exposure and environmental contamination claims. We have been engaged in toxic tort litigation throughout Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia for over 25 years. Additionally, we have defended clients against multiple exposure claims as either national or regional coordinating counsel. As our clients confront the growing reach and complexity of environmental regulation and litigation, we respond with the right resources to address their issues. We have the computer technology to accurately track several, or several thousand, claims on behalf of a client and make the information available to that client. We work closely with our clients to effectively manage and search thousands of documents through state of the art imaging technology. Clients also benefit from our more traditional resources such as ready access to our catalogue of medical and technical experts. As in our other practice areas, we provide relevant educational seminars and preventative advice to our clients in an effort to limit their exposure to litigation.

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