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Medical Malpractice / Professional Liability & Misconduct Claims

Many of our attorneys have long enjoyed a special relationship with clients in other professions - especially health care providers. Historically, our firm's ties to the Western Pennsylvania health care community dates back more than 50 years to the time when its members pioneered the defense of malpractice claims. Since then, professional negligence litigation has expanded to insurance, real estate, and other legal professionals, including the representation of professionals before administrative agencies and peer review matters.

Through their extensive experience in the defense of negligence claims, license revocations, staff privilege hearings, state compliance laws and other disciplinary matters, our attorneys offer unique insight to professionals looking for creative solutions to minimize or manage litigation affecting their practices. Working with existing clients, we have participated in innovative alternative dispute resolution plans as well as risk management techniques.

Our attorneys have also worked with our clients' staff personnel to ensure office procedures do not compromise the defense of future litigation. Additionally, we continuously monitor the development of standards governing professional conduct and practice. Our attorneys teach loss prevention and continuing education courses to insurance agents, brokers and attorneys thereby providing these professionals with the most current changes in the law. We are presenters at continuing legal education seminars involving trial tactics and legal updates. 

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