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Civil Litigation

We are a firm of trial lawyers. We are by avocation civil litigators, but we know by experience that litigation is only a part of our client representation. Our duty to our clients - businesses, insurers, individuals - is to defend them, both in the courtroom with spirited advocacy and outside of the courtroom by developing precautionary protective measures and educational seminars and publications that will help them safeguard their interests.

With the wisdom that can only come through extensive trial experience, we know when to stand and fight and when to compromise. We bring a cost-effective quality of judgment to the matters our clients entrust to us.

We also know the successful outcome of a lawsuit may really turn upon actions taken to intelligently anticipate litigation. It may mean writing a clearer warning or simpler instruction manual for a product, revising office practices, establishing compliance programs or simply providing a greater awareness of government regulatory schemes for professionals such as physicians or executives. Our experience in the courtroom can be a valuable guide for clients planning new ventures or seeking better answers for old problems.

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