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Business / Commercial Litigation

Our firm combines an extensive litigation practice with representation of its clients in business and commercial litigation matters.

We advise entrepreneurs regarding the structuring of their businesses, financing their enterprises with borrowed or invested capital, and how to achieve their compensation and control objectives. We then provide documents to implement business plans. We advise business clients on employee benefit plans, stock buy out agreements, plans to protect confidential information and ideas, securities law questions, real estate leasing and purchases. We assist our clients in reviewing their corporate insurance programs to be certain their business assets are protected.

We advise large and small nonprofit organizations on how to organize and operate to protect their exemption from federal and state taxes. 

Through our long association with the medical community, we are addressing the growing concerns of health care professionals regarding their relationships Medicare, third-party payers, and other intermediaries. We have helped to structed their employment relationships with professional corporations, PPO's, and hospitals.

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